Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seriously, a peach thief?

After our "thief" struck, a lovely neighbor shared sweet peaches with us.  

I planted a peach tree in the backyard two years ago.  Supposedly they take five years to produce, but this year it had a bunch of peaches, many the birds enjoyed.  Chris and I went in the backyard Tuesday evening and noticed that every single peach is gone.  Chris thinks we had a human peach thief.  I am dumbfounded, would someone really come into our backyard, walk to the back corner of the yard where the peach tree sits, and take all of our almost ripe peaches?  Considering our neighborhood watch sign is covered in graffiti, it's a possibility.  However, I can't decided if I'm going to believe it was a nasty thief, or if I'll explain away the disappearance as the work of a really thorough animal.  Opossums don't eat peaches, do they?

Thank goodness there are other places to get peaches this year, even though I am horribly disappointed and a little freaked out about the recent disappearance in our backyard.

*Hobbs Heritage will be selling peaches at the Kansas Grown Farmers' Market.
*Local U-pick farms that feature peaches (and some even do pre-picked):
  • Triple R Orchard, 7570 N. 159th St. Ct. E, Benton, KS 67017, (316) 992-4080
  • Steffen Orchard, 1345 West 90th Ave. N, Conway Springs, KS 67031, (620) 456-2706
  • Sargeant Berry Farm, 9836 S. Hydraulic, Haysville, 316-788-1370
  • Entz Orchard, 8604 S. Webb Rd, Newton, KS 67114, (316) 799-2515
  • Regier Orchard, 12249 NW Meadowlark Rd, Whitewater, KS 67154, (316) 799-2025

Chicken Update:  An opossum was in our trap this a.m., but, it looks bigger than the one I remember.  Surely it couldn't have grown that much in a week!  The hunt is still on, but the good news is the chickens are going into the house on their own at night again.  However, that doesn't mean they're sleeping in the nesting box yet.  Nope - eyes toward the door, that's the sleeping stance now.  Poor chickens!


  1. thank you so much for this post! i am sorry to hear about the peach thief, but have been wanting to know where to get some peaches locally (i only knew of one place thus far.)

    love the blog!!

  2. Hi Leanne -
    So happy to hear you got some valuable information from the post. Are you getting my local food list updates through email? This is where I took the orchard info from. If not, send me an email at with an email you want the info sent to. Unfortunately, the blog list and the local food update emails are different distribution lists.

  3. ooh, sounds good! i will send you an email. :) also, i wanted to let you know I featured your blog on the facebook page i've recently started. i hope this is okay! let me know if i need to change it.

    take care!

  4. Leanne -
    Thanks for featuring the blog. Enjoyed looking over your facebook page - looks like a great thing you're doing there!