Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pecan Perfect!

Food and time with family is special to me.  It's even more special when I know where the food we eat comes from.  Recently my brother visited and we shared a breakfast item that I grew up eating during holiday brunches, Monkey Bread.  Yummy!  The local part of this meal - fresh pecans! 

Looking at this picture makes my mouth water.  Proof that what they
taught me in college is true - "They eye eats first!"
I decided to use more of the pecans in a chocolate pecan pie, something I've never made before.  Tasty, very tasty, especially with the local pecans as my shining stars.

I've blogged about these pecans in the past, harvested from trees in the Derby area.  I answered a call in the fall from the "farmer" - he's got the best ones he has had!  He cracks them when you place an order, so they are fresh.  If you'd like to inquire about these or purchase some, call Ward at 316-777-1349.  Happy Pecan Eating!