Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Perspectives on Rain

Rain.  It's raining.  My thoughts go to what the rain means - two kiddos and mud, no park time, muddy puppy paws in the house, a dreary day.  After dropping off my oldest at a friend's I planned to get groceries.  A grocery store run with a one year old is rough enough, add rain and it's time to scour the pantry and push groceries off for a different day. 

Rain.  It's raining.  "I'm scared of the thunder," my cherished 3 year old tells my friend to whom I'm depositing her for the morning.  "It's telling us the sky is giving the flowers a drink."  my friend replies.  As a local foods lover, she is a more seasoned gardener than I and her perspective is different.  Attached.  Connected to the earth.  Aware of its needs.  Thankful for the rain and the filling of her pantry that it will bring as the season continues.

When we live unattached to the earth, its seasons, its needs and its provision for us, we may begin to see things that can be sources of great thanksgiving as big inconveniences.  I am thankful to have had my disconnected perspective challenged and for the opportunity to become more connected to the earth and the seasons.  Rain.  Blessing?  Annoyance?  Consider your perspective.