Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chicken Wrangler in Training

"I wanna take her in da house Ma"

It's chicken time again.  Chris and I have been married almost four years, and for one reason or another, we've raised baby chicks three of those years.  Watching their antics as they grow is much more fulfilling than sitting in front of the TV.  Even better, we now watch their antics coupled with our two year old's antics.  Slide anyone? ... Priceless.

This year we are growing our largest flow, a group of five.  Two years ago one of the ladies in our flock of four ended up with a deep voice ("cockadoodledoo") so he got sent to the farm.  As our family grows, we need more eggs, so we'll see how these five do for us, so far, no crowing.

Homeless for a month last year between selling our old house and buying our new one, we lived with my parents.  My Mom fell in love with our chickens, so we left them and the coop with her.  Chris intended to make us a chicken tractor that we could move around the yard, but it's a little too heavy for that. This spring it has served two purposes - holding chickens and entertaining kiddos.

We love our chickens and look forward to getting fresh eggs again soon.  And just let me say it again for all those skeptics, raising chickens is way easier than I ever expected!