Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July Local Food Challenge

Stay Food Independent this 4th of July!

Fourth of July is about freedom, fireworks and food!  Last year Chris and I celebrated Food Independence Day with our local foods menu.  This year, the Our Local Food - South Central Kansas program is challenging us again to choose locally grown products for at least one holiday meal.  When you do this, take a picture to share and they'll reward you with some great local foods prizes! Learn more about the challenge here.

Once they've received all the pictures and recipe submissions, they'll create an Our Local Food-South Central eBook that will be available FREE to anyone who signs up to receive their e-newsletter.  How do you sign up for the visiting their blog or Facebook page.

So join us again, after all, Independence Day includes staying food independent and local sources of food help to ensure we do just that.


  1. oh that sounds interesting. I'm planning on making some burgers from local meat and chicken bbq from local chickens. Don't know what else will be locally sourced though. Maybe some mint tea from fresh local mint.

  2. Well, that sounds like a lot of great locally sourced foods! Remember to take a picture and send it to the folks at Our Local Food-South Central Kansas. I'm sure they'd love to see what you're celebrating with (we all would!)...and maybe you'll get a fun local prize out of your food fun too.

  3. I tried to stick to the "local" theme as close as possible this year, but since our celebration was happening at my in-laws, I didn't have much control. So, I signed up to bring deviled eggs, since I've been buying nothing but local, pastured eggs all spring/summer long. So what happens when I get to my farmers' market last Saturday morning? I kid you not, every single chicken farmer there was completely sold out of eggs. And they all told me the same story. "Sold out over an hour ago. It's the heat. The hens just aren't laying much right now." So, I compromised and went to Whole Foods. They carry free-range eggs from a few counties over. They're not labelled as "pastured," so I really have no idea if the hens ever really touch grass (the color of the yolks tell me it's not likely - they're pale just like any old grocery store egg, not the vibrant orangey-yellow of my local farmers' pastured eggs), but it's the best I could do. Lesson learned. The early bird gets the eggs!

    Since I'm in Oklahoma, I'm obviously not participating your South Central Kansas photo challenge, but I had to share that story anyway. ;)

  4. Thanks for the egg disappointing when something is not at the farmers' market when you want it. Brings up the difference between going to a grocery store with your planned list...and purchasing at a farmers' market THEN deciding what you'll make! Totally different that what we typically do.

    Hey, get some backyard easy to raise and you'll always (well, usually) have eggs!

    On a side note...on Splendid Table today they talked about an "egg taste test." Turns out there is no difference in the taste of various types of eggs under a blind taste test (unless the chickens have eaten garlic, citrus, etc) can listen to the show here: