Monday, May 17, 2010

"We do not ship anything anywhere."

I call them "The Girls," Chris calls them "The Three Stooges."

"We do not ship anything anywhere. We encourage folks to find their local producers and patronize them."  --Polyface, Inc.

How's that for a business statement? Not something I've seen before - it doesn't exactly increase the companies bottom line to refuse shipping to people who want products.  But, it's exactly how Polyface, Inc. begins their website's "Food Sales" page. The unconventional farming practices of Polyface, Inc. are featured in "Fresh," a movie showing at Newman University Thursday evening...details here.

In light of the Polyface, Inc. encouragement to find a local producer and patronize them, I am thrilled about a chicken find!  Last week I heard about a local producer of chickens who has some extra meat to sell.  He butchers twice a year, and luckily, he's got ~20 whole, frozen chickens left.  I plan to pick up the birds on the drive to visit my parents.  According to mapquest, this food was raised and butchered 41 miles from where I live.  I feel great about supporting a local producer by getting meat right from the source, and putting money straight into his farm.  How's that for "farm to fork!"  I plan to ask this producer if they would like to be added to the "Local Foods Sources" list I am compiling.  It's exciting to promote these small producers in Kansas, I hope you are excited too!

When embarking on our effort to increase the local food we eat, Chris and I adopted three chicks, who are now chickens.  Ironically, we raised them in a big Chick-fil-a box Chris brought home from work.  Now they are happily pecking about in the back yard and playing tug-o-war with grubs we throw them from the garden.  It will be ~1-2 months before they lay eggs, but we are looking forward to the bright yolks.  I wanted to raise 12 more to butcher, but Wichita allows six chickens per city lot, and Chris wasn't about to have renegade chickens raised in our basement.  Maybe next year.

Local Eating Survey:  The Sedgwick County Extension Agency is doing a (quick) survey of county residents to plan events and programs about local eating. They say, "you should still take the survey, even if you think the local food movement is nuts!" It's a (quick) survey so please help them out and pass it on to your friends! I took it, did I mention it's quick!  Here's the link:

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