Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Local Food - Oregon Style

The Blackfish Cafe - Locally Sourced Oregonian Food!
After sightseeing on the Oregon coast last week, Chris and I wandered into The Blackfish Cafe for dinner.  The walls covered with magazine articles featuring the restaurant indicated we'd made a good choice.  While dining, the waitress proudly told us the restaurant has its own local organic gardener and bakery (the Rockfish Bakery).  Each dish came decorated with edible organic flowers, and as much food as possible is purchased locally.  They even feature work from local artists.  Now, that's the kind of place I like to support!  If you're ever in the Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend looking this restaurant up!

Locally Sourced Farro
While in Portland, we visited Bob's Red Mill, a company dedicated to whole grain products.  Seeing locally grown grains available in their store made me smile, and I took a snapshot to share.  A couple of the local options included "Rolled Emmer Flakes," and "Emmer Berries" also known as "farro." 

We love community gardens, and visited one while walking on a misty morning.  Surprised at the abundance the cool northwest community grows, I felt challenged. They even had kiwi fruit, which made me wonder how we could increase the options in our Kansas garden, where the growing season is longer and the temperature is warmer.

As you travel this year, consider where your food comes from and take advantage of the locally sourced foods/restaurants where you're visiting.  Chris's Dad told a story about some Oregon natives traveling in Hawaii, and ordering Salmon while there.  Salmon is native to Oregon, not Hawaii.  Don't make the same mistake they did!  Explore the foods from the area you're exploring, you may be surprised at how wonderful they taste fresh, and you'll cut down on the economic and environmental costs of transportation (well, other than your plane ticket!)

Chris admiring the community garden.

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