Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's a...

It's a watermelon!

Our first watermelon of the season!  Chris, new to gardening and perturbed by the watermelon vines taking over his garden, asked and experienced gardener what he should do about it.  "You should celebrate!" was the reply.  Chris had hoped for some guidance on how to prune or cut back the invasive vine.  Oh, the lessons of a novice gardener.

You might notice, the watermelon in the photo is strategically placed, and will be replaced in a few months with a real belly bump.  Yes, Chris and I are expecting.  We surprised our families at our 1st anniversary celebration on Aug. 1st, and surprised they were, some were shocked.  After all, we're both older than typical first parents and "Paula" and "pregnant" have never fit into the same sentence before.  But here we turning back now...and I've got the nausea and cravings (for Malt-o-meal of all things) to show for it.  Chris has been a doll, giving me daily belly rubs to sooth my sickness.

Exciting News about "the list":  I'm working on getting the local food producers list on the internet!  I'll let you know when this is complete and where to find it.  As always, share the info with those you know and send me producers that you use who may not be listed.


  1. I am very interested in that list! I watch your blog, so I hope I don't miss it.

    BTW: congrats on the little one. We have 4.

    I'm at

  2. I'm currently sending the list via email - if you haven't sent me an email address, please do. I'm planning to send out an update to the list this week.