Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old habits die hard.

Mmmm, apricots!

We've all heard it said, we are creatures of habit.  After nine years of experience as a dietitian, I know this especially true in the area of food choices.  A month ago I discovered how habitual I am when I realized winter is coming to a close (okay, so we've got some time left, but it makes me feel better to think it's ending), and the bulk of our winter food pantry remained in our home.  I'm a saver and wanted our yummy, tasteful treats for "a special occasion."  So, rather than eating the apricots we canned and froze, I stocked up on a Dillon's sale of canned apricots...waiting for "a special occasion" to use the home canned ones. 

Waiting was a mistake.  Turns out, while waiting for "a special occasion", the local apricots sat in the basement (maybe I need a more thrilling life).  Realizing we will need room for preserved foods again this summer, I said, "Chris, we need to start focusing on our pantry."  We started having home canned apricots on our morning yogurt, and my taste buds jumped for joy.  Really, there is no comparison between the store canned apricots and ours, which were picked at the height of their freshness.  Oh, so good, and hopefully we'll have the gumption to can even more this summer so there won't be competition between the store bought next winter.  What a goal!

Lesson learned:  Enjoy decadent food now - every day should be a special occasion! 


  1. If memory serves me, Paula, I think you and Chris were in the midst of canning these when you were co-writing the KDA OLF grant! Can't thank you enough!!

  2. Yes, I think we were canning them during the KDA OLF grantwriting. Glad both projects got finished! Looking forward to seeing what will happen with OLF in this area.

    And AlwaysMe...they are incredibly tasty! Just finished some for breakfast again today - love it!