Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Best Gift Ever

I love getting gifts I can use, rather than dust.  Chris scored points when he gave me an excellent gift this Christmas (and as much as he enjoys it, I suspect he got it for himself just as much as for me!)

What's the gift?  A year subscription to Mother Earth News magazine.  About a year ago I signed up for free Mother Earth News email updates and was pleasantly surprised after receiving a few.  They are full of great information about local eating, gardening, raising chickens, and being good to the earth.  This year I added a magazine subscription to my Christmas wish list, and I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the issues I've received so far.  Once Chris and I have read it, we pass it on to the local thrift store for someone else to enjoy...minus a few articles we ripped out to refer to again!

If you've never heard of Mother Earth News, or checked out the Mother Earth News website, I encourage you to do so.  You'll learn a lot and be encouraged in your desires to garden or eat more locally grown foods, and maybe it'll show up on your Christmas wish list next year.

Happy prepping for spring!    

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