Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just in from Hawaii - Part 3: Local Food Promotion in the Islands

With increased consumer interest in local eating, advertising foods that are locally produced sells more product.  If it didn't, I'm sure none of the following pictures would have been captured on our recent trip to Hawaii.  As a person who is passionate about local eating, and someone who blogs to inspire you (and me!) to choose more locally produced foods, I am constantly snapping pics of products local to the area we are vacationing.  Here are a few from our recent trip to Ohau that I found interesting.

Chris and I visited Chinatown, where the local fish in a small fish market was identified as fresh and local.  It's like picking a tomato from your garden vs. getting one shipped from California...in this case it's the "garden" of the ocean...imagine the freshness!

Here's a product that can also be found in Kansas, but was one of many local items this Chinatown Farmers' Market vendor was selling.

We even found local products in the grocery store.  Apparently the "Hawaii Food Manufacturers Association" label is much like the "Simply Kansas" label that many products in our own state carry.

Oh Hawaii, after shoveling snow four times today, I miss you.

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