Monday, June 21, 2010

Would you like some syrup with that Pancake Rock?

"Foodies" enjoying the view from Pancake Rock.

While heading to hike Pancake Rock in Colorado last week, Chris and I stumbled across the Friday morning Woodland Park Farmers' Market. 
We talked with a group of people who encourage and educate gardeners at high altitudes.  
Proudly they directed us to a small part of the farmers' market selling produce from gardens in their town.  They hope to have more local gardens in the future providing fresh food to the community.

Most of the produce came from Pueblo, ~50 miles away, and it was beautiful.  One man acted sad it wasn't closer, but I thought that was pretty good!

Earlier I wrote about Chris looking for mushrooms in our front yard.  Unfortunately peak mushroom season does not occur in June.  The only mushrooms Chris found were huge, but petrified.  You can imagine our excitement when we found locally grown mushrooms at the market! The mushrooms are started in petri dishes and grow on organic medium under sterile conditions.  Listening to the grower talk, it sounded more like a science lesson than gardening!

We purchased Fresh Oyster Mushrooms and enjoyed them on our pizza, mmmm, nothing like fresh food!

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