Monday, June 28, 2010

A Local Food Wedding - What a Splendid Idea!

Doing our best impersonation of "American Gothic" at our wedding last August.

While interested in simplicity and focusing on things that matter, Chris and I chose a country marriage on my grandparent's farm.  Since childhood, I dreamed of coming down the beautiful staircase in their parlor, to my beau waiting at the oak fireplace.  Dreams do come true, we married in that setting on a beautiful, 80 degree August day.  Many guests complimented saying it was one of the best weddings they attended, unpretentious and meaningful.

At the time we married, introduction to eating locally wasn't on our radar - a few months into newlywed bliss we watched Food, Inc. and our food practices were challenged - nutritionally, economically, ethically, and sustainably.  We made changes immediately, and learn more everyday.

Last week I read a blog by a couple getting married and celebrating by producing all of the food for their reception themselves - a local food wedding.  I love the idea, and am encouraged to see another young couple committed and passionate about the local food system.  They plan to blog their progress - I'll be smiling as I read the updates.

While reading "Farm City, The Education of an Urban Farmer" I came across a Portuguese quote that said something like "The happiest times in life are the year after marriage and the week after killing a pig."  I read it to Chris and he said, "so are we killing a pig Aug. 1st?"  After all, he is 1/4 Portuguese - what a great idea! 

My poor husband, shouldn't have opened his mouth, that's exactly what we're doing, Hawaiian style - he's Portuguese AND Hawaiian!  Stay tuned - I'll post pictures of our 1st anniversary hog roast in the country once it happens!

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