Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This season's favorite find...

This season's favorite find...

Mid July I began thinking about how I preserve foods, and how I love my dehydrator.  What I don't love:  the energy it uses for the almost 24 hour cycle it takes to dehydrate my local finds.  So I got to thinking, I could dehydrate outside without using an outlet, but then, what about the flies, bugs, etc.  I must have been sending up some kind of request or prayer I didn't even realize I was doing because within a couple weeks I found this beauty at a yard sale.

Yes, a "Hanging Food Pantrie" food dehydrator (and sprouter).  The picture is a little dark, so if you're unable to see it try checking it out online here.  New this beauty is $58+, but it cost me $4 (don't you love a good bargain)!  Yesterday someone shared some locally grown apples with me (picked about a mile from my house).  My chance to use the dehydrator!!  I just finished pulling the apples from both the electric dehydrator and the "Food Pantrie".  I must say, I get a much more consistent product with the all natural dehydrator and I feel better about not using precious energy.  Here's the finished product...yum!!


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