Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beginning again...

"Que Bella!"  Asparagus, fresh mint, strawberries and chicken eggs.  
Breakfast ingredients all harvested from our little plot of land in Wichita.

Since everything worked out as planned, we moved away from the beautiful ingredients you see in this picture last week.  They have now become the love of a new family...lucky them!  (Well, all except the chicken eggs that is, we got to keep those :)

I have a lot of questions about our future, one of which is what to call this blog.  Since we won't be living in Wichita anymore, I feel a bit like I'd be lying by leaving the current name.  So, do I change what this site is called, or just leave it since we are only be a half hour drive from the city?  We'll use many of the same producers that we have used in the past, and will actually be closer to some than we were in Wichita.  Do I become "Love local food near Wichita, Kansas," or "Love local food around Wichita, Kansas," or just add a couple words, "Love Local Food in and around Wichita, Kansas."  Right now, I actually like the last one the best.  Hmmmm, any suggestions?

If you're an email subscriber (which most of you are), let me know what your great idea is by sending me an email at


  1. I agree with you--go with "in and around Wichita." Short, succinct, and accurate.

  2. Thanks Russell, so far everyone is in agreement with you and I. Hope you're having a wonderful local foods season!