Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's All Yours

Old Town Farmers' Market - Photo from

As you're perusing the local producers list and other lists on this website, please remember that "it's all yours."  I'm now a mom, finishing a masters degree, and moving my entire home in less than two weeks.  Sadly, I don't have the time to research if the info on the local producers list is up to date and accurate for this year (and I know it's not, for farmers' markets at least.)  So, as you're contacting producers and looking up info on the list, please email me ( or leave a comment if you see something that needs to be updated or added.  I'm happy to make changes.  Just as it was created, by input from my readers, it will need to be updated that way as well.

Natalie over at the Our Local Food program has a list of some of the markets that are now open.  These markets are members of her program, so there may be others out there open that are not her members.  There are some new markets this year, one I could walk to from my current home but, well, we're moving!  Here's the list.

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