Friday, February 17, 2012

&*$#@!...I Hate Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs

These impossible to peel hard boiled eggs are 
looking beaten up - but taste yummy as egg salad!

Lately we've been thoroughly enjoy egg salad sandwiches.  Hubs, the chef, does the cooking on the weekends, and most recently when I asked for this little joy he responded with, "I hate peeling hard boiled eggs."  I was a bit surprised, my husband is not the complaining type.

So, as with everything, we used the "Google machine" to look up easy ways to peel hard boiled eggs.  How do you do this?  Use old eggs...what!  There are no old eggs in our house.  We go out to the coop, grab the eggs, and use them within a short amount of time.  (Once we were out of eggs, and I got a hankering for cookies, so we went to the coop and there sat the exact number of eggs we needed.)  No, our eggs don't take time to be packaged, shipped, sit on  the supermarket shelf, travel to our house, sit in our fridge...and then get hard boiled for a breezy peeling process.  Our hens have been champion layers this winter (most likely due to the mild temperatures) and we have gotten 1-3 eggs daily all winter long.  A blessing, but to my chef, it's sometimes a curse!  Although, I think next time we may try the bicarb soda method suggested by this blog.

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  1. Supposedly you can steam them instead

  2. Thanks for the comment Debra. That's something we'll have to try next time we do it - seems there has to be a simpler way :)

  3. I found this painful discovery out when I needed 3dozen peeled for deviled eggs in my high school home ec class. I now hard poach eggs but of course this does not work for deviled eggs... argh I wonder how old eggs have to be to peel easily.