Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Building Family Connections - The local foods way!

Our little family, shucking peas together.

Previously I've written that local eating builds community.  It also builds family.  While Chris was on vacation early this summer we harvested peas for dinner.  Then we spent time together as a family, with baby Clara, shucking the peas.  I have fond memories of sharing this same activity with my grandmother at her kitchen table while I was growing up.  A task some see as tedious, but one she enjoyed.  Together we'd sit and talk and unintentionally build our relationship, one that caused me to name our daughter after her.  No TV, not even the radio, just our own voices for entertainment.

It's about time to plant a fall garden, which will hopefully survive better than our summer garden, considering the days shouldn't continually be in the 100's.  Use this excellent planting guide to know when and what to plant for fall harvest, and then share the harvest with your family (they don't have to be blood, or live with you, to be considered family!)


  1. I love your blog, even though I don't always comment!! :) Thank you for sharing the planting guide (and your thoughts on food/relationship-building!) I was a little discouraged by the hot summer, but I am hopeful for fall crops.

  2. Hi Leanne -

    Thanks for your comment...you can see in this post why my blog updates have slowed down! Wish you the best on your fall garden. You weren't the only one discouraged by the hot summer. At least we have another try!


  3. Cute photo! I too hope the fall garden is better.